Horizontal Studios is a mixing and mastering studio run by Matthew Styles & his wife Dinky, they are dedicated to helping artists & labels achieve sonic excellence.  Located in the heart of Barcelona's Collserola National Park, our mission is provide our expert knowledge to help you get the best out of your music. The mixing and mastering studios are two superb purpose built critical listening rooms, which have been tuned to provide a natural and accurate frequency response. We use some of the finest analogue outboard  from the likes of Maselec , Neve & Thermionic Culture , used conjunction reference level Prism Sound AD/DA converters, and monitoring from Amphion and Dutch & Dutch. 

Matthew Styles is a world class engineer, called on by many major acts and labels and  top producers to add his magic touch to a songs final mix and master. From underground techno hero's to multi platinum award winning pop artists, we have it covered.

Below  you can see, hear and read about recently released mixdown's and mastering done by Matthew at Horizontal Studios, please click to listen and find out more: