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Services Include: Stereo Mixing/ Dolby Atmos Mixing / Mastering / Stem Mastering / Production / DJ Mix /Audio Restoration/ Engineering / Radio Edits / Vocal Recording/ / Tuning /Timing
Discounts for Label & A&R deals available
For further information and pricing please email us at info(at)horizontal


Mastering Controller

Dutch Audio IM2.1s (Customized)


Analog Processing

Maselec MEA2

Terry Audio CEQ

Knif Soma

Neve Portico Master Bus Processor

Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus

Orban 642a EQ

Echofix EFX3 Analog Delay

Oto Bim Delay

Schulte Compact Phasing A

Neon Egg Planetarium



Prism Sound Titan

Grace Design ADDA

Universal Audio Apollo 16x

Universal Audio Apollo 4x



Grace Design M908

Dutch & Dutch 8c

Amphion One18

Amphion 500 Amp

Dolby Atmos 7.1.4.

Genelec 8320A x 11

Genelec 7360A Sub

Audeze LCD2X






Neumann U67 x2

Singular Audio F48 (U47 Clone)

Shure SM7

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Sennheiser MD421



Antonus 2600 FS

Antonus Step Brother

Sequential OB6

Sequential Prophet 10

Sequentix Cirklon 2

Isla S2400

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron Model Samples

Moog Matriarch
Dan Electro '59



DAW/ Software

Avid Protools Ultimate

Ableton Live 12

Logic Pro

UAD Suite

Soundtoys Suite

Waves Mercury

DMG Audio Suite

Weiss EQ1

Fabfilter Suite

Celemony Melodyne

Plugin-Alliance Suite

Flux Pure Analyzer

Massenburg EQ & Dynamics

Tone Projects Suite

Pulsar Suite

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